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Attorney Website Designs

Attorney website designs and templates offered at affordable prices. Testimonials from Attorney's with our site designs and SEO. Call us 702.610.3896.

Cost Efficient Services

With several well trained and experienced lawyers, our fees are affordable due to efficiency of knowledge and the best resources available.

Consistent Approach

Our approach to every case is planned and well documented along with the latest in software to stay on top of depositions and trials. Time management and service.

Tax Planning & Disputes

Our team of tax Attorney's are all experienced in all areas of tax and financial planning along with requiring answers in all allegations that they may be faced with.

Corporate & Business

Many of our clients are large domestic and International corporations that require answers and solutions in a timely fashion and depend on us to be there for them at all times.

Home & Asset Protection

A lifetime of hard work and attaining assets over a period of several years requires well trained lawyers with answers and experience to make the right decisions to retain those assets.

A leading law firm providing legal solutions nationwide.

With offices in 3 major cities and over 100 experienced Lawyers with vast knowledge in all areas of law, we provide our clients with professional legal service that can litigate any and all types of cases in a timely fashion. We are here for you, so please don't hesitate to call us at 00.000.0000


Meet our lawyers & attorneys

Professionals in each separate field
Robert Harnish
Corporate Partner

Robert Harnish is an 18 year veteran in the legal industry and brings a wealth of knowledge and is a corporate partner.

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James Bonfield
Malpractice Attorney

James Bonfield is our malpractice attorney and has been with the firm for 5 years and in the legal industry for 10 years.

Team member fiona
Fiona Delmond

Fiona is our most experienced paralegal and has researched cases in several fields along with working side by side assisting our Attorney's.

Woman in Business Suits
Amanda Peppers
Finance Attorney

Amanda is our finance Attorney and deals exclusively with our corporate clients. Her work ethic and PHD in finance has made her a great asset.

Our Team, In the Press

Read of our latest success, in the press
Marson & Crowley Case

James Whitefield | May 15th 2015

We represent several manufacturers in lawsuits against safety and quality of products, services and patents. Recently a high profile class action lawsuit was filed against our client and caught national media attention.

Robinson Case resolution

Amanda Palmer | April 25th 2015

The Robinson case was a high profile media case and our firm along with a team of our New York office was victorious in a case that no one thought was possible to win. They were proven wrong by our firms detailed research.

Drug Manufacturer Case

Amanda Palmer | April 5th 2015

We represent some of the largest prescription drug manufacturers in the world. After 3 years of litigation and substantiating our clients innocence our firm and client walked away with a win. This case saved millions in losses.

Testimonials: What our clients think of us

Kauffman handled my case very professionally and was always there to answer my questions. I could not have been happier with them.

pretty womans face for lawyer web design
Jennifer Crown Cashier Wallmart

I have used a few law firms in the past, but Kauffman treated me like a person and laid out the entire strategy to win my case. I recommend them 100%.

Testimonial from a male in a suit for attorney web design website
Darwin Cliffson Assistent Manager Bryan & Theresa Co.

My personal injury case was settled in 6 months and without a fight. Kauffman did their homework and made receiving my settlement painless.

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Karen Bronson Model Glamour Salon

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