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Overall, it will be helpful to emphasize any experience that specifically demonstrates legal skills such as research, writing, and oral communication.  Provide enough details (in a fairly concise manner) about the substance so that the person reading your cover letter understands what you accomplished before ever talking with you.  Your explanation should accomplish three objectives:  1) relate your achievements to the firm’s work with reference to specific subject matters (so not just tax, but sham partnerships and disguised sales); 2) describe your role in any particular project (writing, speaking, reporting, analyzing, providing advice to partner/client, some combination, etc.), and 3) emphasize which of your skill sets contributed to the project.
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In today’s competitive environment, a firm’s greatest source of competitive advantage is the quality, drive and overall effectiveness of its people.  Explain how you can help the firm maintain its competitive advantage.

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For example, perhaps you are entrepreneurial and resourceful in nature such that you are comfortable seeking work from partners and existing clients.  Moreover, you understand the success of the law firm depends on generating new business and you are interested in helping to develop business (at the appropriate time).

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Marson & Crowley fusion

James Whitefield | May 15th 2015

We represent several manufacturers in lawsuits against safety and quality of products, services and patents. A high profile class action lawsuit was filed against our client and caught national media attention.

Robinson Case resolution

Amanda Palmer | April 25th 2015

The Robinson case was a high profile media case and our firm along with a team of our New York office was victorious in a case that no one thought was possible to win. They were proven wrong by our firms detailed research.

Drug Manufacturer Case

Amanda Palmer | April 5th 2015

We represent some of the largest prescription drug manufacturers in the world. After 3 years of litigation and substantiating our clients innocence our firm and client walked away with a win. This case saved millions in losses.